Featured Brewery: Oyster House Brewing Co.

Bob's Yer Uncle ESB on Haywood Road.  

Bob's Yer Uncle ESB on Haywood Road.  

Oyster House Brewing Company history starts back in the ’90’s when head brewer and owner Billy Klingel had a dream of one day starting his own brewpub. His mission? To brew the perfect Oyster Stout. It seemed like a bizarre idea at the time, but with a little research, he found that it wasn’t unheard of and actually was quite delicious. After 12 months of obsessive brewing, Klingel felt that he had made the perfect Oyster Stout. It was a combination of roasted barley and chocolate malts, with just a hint of some black patent malt and 5 pounds of those delicious oysters on the half shell. 2009 marked the birth of the Oyster House Brewing Company, and since that time, the Haywood Road haunt has sold thousands upon thousands of pints. 

Beers to try:

  • Oyster House Moonstone Oyster Stout 

  • Oyster House Galaxy IPA

  • Oyster House Bob’s Yer Uncle ESB