Featured Brewery: Nantahala Brewing Co.

Nantahala Brewing Co. hails from Bryson City, NC and draws inspiration for its creative brews from the passion of its people and the mountains they live in. From Nantahala's Flagship, Noon Day IPA, to its epic, adventure-inspired Trail Magic Ale™ Series, its brews tie the brewers to the rich history of brewing here in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Beers to try: 

  • App Trail Extra Pale Ale - Considered a true IPA-Light. Clean, crisp with a citrusy flavor. A light golden Pale Ale with a crisp dry flavor and a touch of bitterness. The unique hop varieties create a tropical citrus flavor and aroma that balances with the soft malt profile.
  • Hellbender Hefeweizen - When the Hellbender Hefe starts flowing from the taps, you can bet that another Smoky Mountain Summer has arrived. An authentic Hefeweizen to the bone. Brewed with German the grains, hops and Hefeweizen yeast. The result...an unfiltered, spicy, clove, fruity, hint of banana brew fit for a hot, sultry day.
  • Dirty Girl Blonde - Brilliantly clear with sparkling carbonation, our dirty girl is a light easy - drinking - american blonde. Crisp and refreshing throughout with hints of noble hops in the aroma.