Meet Our Sponsor: PakTech


Custom Design and Prototyping

PakTech's plastic handles offer all the characteristics that consumers demand: they are good-looking, eco-friendly, easy to carry, and easy to remove.

At PakTech you'll find in-house, rapid turnaround services that are rare in the packaging industry. The engineering department provides ingenious part designs which can be sent right to the tool room, where prototype molds for our plastic handles are built within days. This provides for an extremely quick turnaround on prints and parts for our customers, and also allows for flexibility with plastic handle designs, updates, and improvements.


High Volume Manufacturing

To produce our multipack plastic handles, we utilize over 15 state-of-the art injection molding presses and robots with end-of-arm tooling. New technology offers flexibility and cost-reducing benefits for our customers. Multiple stock color options are offered as well as UPC label application, and once boxed and palletized, the handles are ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

PakTech ships over 300 million handles per year to the world's best known processors of food and beverages as well as household and consumer goods.

We offer a vast selection of handle styles that bundle containers with a wide variety of sizes, neck diameters and volumes. Standard and innovative designs provide handle solutions for almost any package.


At PakTech, we take sustainability seriously, designing and manufacturing packaging handles that provide a simple, low-waste alternative for bulk packaging. PakTech handles are injection molded using High Density PolyEthylene (#2 HDPE), making our handles universally recyclable.

Every handle we produce is stamped with a #2 recycling message and a commitment to sustainability. The process starts with minimal waste and a manufacturing process that uses environmentally friendly practices, including:

  • Exceeding all recommendations for energy conservation.
  • Major equipment investments to achieve 60% reduction in energy usage and CO2 gases.
  • Hi-Efficient T8 Florescent lighting and skylight to optimize natural light and energy consumption.
  • HVAC system that is completely economized.
  • Filtration system for storm water.
  • Purchasing a percentage of our electrical supply from ‘green’ power.
  • Incorporating ‘green’ construction practices in building improvement/expansion projects.
  • Earning LEED Certification on all new construction.
  • All ‘scrap’ material is used to make ‘composite’ lumber


We Employ the Best

PakTech employees enjoy their jobs, and it shows in our long-term employment numbers. Our amazing production staff makes up about 65%, and includes everyone from Shift Supervisors to Material Handlers, Press Operators, Mold Technicians, Quality Technicians, Maintenance Staff and our Shipping Department. Generally this staff works three shifts, 5 days a week. However, at peak times of the year, production needs call for a 24/7 operation. Also included in Production is our own dedicated Tool Room, which employs skilled artisans who program and create all of our mold inserts and the majority of our applicator parts and structures. These teams work like clockwork to turn out high-quality molds, handles and application machinery in an extremely efficient, high-quality manner.

About 15% of our employees are stationed just up the road from our manufacturingfacility, in what we endearingly call 'Applicator Land'. There, highly skilled and traineddesigners work together to create machinery that will make our customer's plants run smoothly. They implement proven technology and brilliant mechanical concepts, and in turn, our assembly staff diligently piece together machinery from the ground up. There are many hours spent where crews of designers, programmers, and welders are all collaborating closely to build a finely-crafted piece of equipment. And finally, our PMMI Trained Service staff is on hand to help install, train, and service the equipment once it's in the field. With this team in place, our customers can be assured they have a robust, trustworthy piece of packaging equipment.

About 20% of our staff consists of customer service, sales, marketing, accounting, and HR positions. We like to keep the upper Management lean, and every single person in this segment has their door open to everyone in the company: from our President and owner Jim Borg, to our Director of Operations, VP, Controller and our IT Manager. Constant communication, utter respect, and making PakTech a positive and winning workplace is our single goal. And we are confident our customers know they will always receive smart, responsive and friendly communication when they work with PakTech.