Featured brewery: Asheville Brewing

If you love great hand-crafted micro brewed beer, you're going to love Asheville Brewing. The brewery, which has been in business since 1998, has been brewing up some of the finest beer mankind has ever tasted. The brewery is admired for its signature beers including the Shiva IPA, but with its new brewer series, it has started to push the paradigm. From Asheville Brewing's jalapeno-infused Fire Escape, the Mardi Gras-inspired Bier de Garde, to the malty, yet hoppy Ashevillian black I.P.A. 

Beers to try: 

  • Shiva IPA: A crisp, citrusy India Pale Ale with a light color, Shiva will destroy all your preconceptions of an I.P.A. A transcendentally simple malt bill accents a generous helping of Columbus hops, lending an intense floral aroma with hints of grapefruit and a pleasant bittering quality. Your palette will be lifted to higher planes of consciousness with a bittersweet finish. 
  • Fire Escape: Yep. You guessed it, it's the Escape Artist with a perfect mix of hops, malt and... Jalapeños! We blend freshly roasted jalapeños post fermentation to create this fiery yet balanced pale ale. Amazingly smooth and addictive!
  • Ninja Porter: How is such a perfect combination of 3 hops possible? Part stealth power and part pure secret creates a rich, satisfying body and hard-hitting chocolate finish with notes of coffee and caramel. Let your inner ninja out!!